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Wifi Pineapple Nano Temperature


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What should be the temperature limit for the nano? 

I checked the nano while running and it has gone very hot to touch same as with the pineapple juice. I'm worried on overheating the nano, using pineap, evil portal, and connected to nearby ap in client mode running for just about an hour, carrying the nano and pineapple juice inside the edc case inside my backpack.  


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I noticed the same thing at DefCon when just collecting SSIDs with PineAP.  I was told by the folks at the vendor booth (and I want to say later confirmed on these forums) that it gets hot but that is normal... not something to worry about.  

That being said, if you see a headline about an old man in AZ spontaneously combusting while WarDriving (well, WarDogWalking...) please disregard my assurances of safety

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This was a pretty hot topic a while back (pardon the pun). Seems that the general consensus was that it's normal and completely OK for it to be quite warm, and that passive cooling already in place should be more than sufficient to keep it at safe temperatures.

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I added 3 small heatsinks too, as well as adding a 47uF cap across +5v to help compensate for bad power. Don't really know if the heatsinks were needed (IR camera only showed under 110 degrees idle), but it was worth it to me for peace of mind. Still have issues, but they don't seem hardware-related.

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