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Other Tools that "Should Come Standard (TM)"


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I recently just picked up two LanTurtles, and have been impressed with the hardware.  On the software side, I feel the box leaves quite a bit to be desired, in particular, there are three tools that I feel are absolute "musts" for this kind of device:

stunnel (route anything over SSL)
hans (ICMP tunneling VPN)
iodine (DNS tunneling VPN)

Since I've had a fair amount of experience with OpenWRT and cross-compiling tools, I've managed to get hanscli (smaller hans client made for embedded devices) and iodine both compiled and working on my LANTurtle.
I haven't started working on the beast that will be getting stunnel working (due to OpenSSL requirements), yet.  I'm happy to share how to compile these tools, or the binaries themselves, if someone wants that information.  On a related note, I'd like to see the cross-compile directions on the wiki as I'm sure others would like to know how to roll their own compiled packages as well.

My other suggestion for the device, is to have a menu config to swap between NAT'ing traffic and bridging the two interfaces.  Both have positives and negatives depending on the environment, and how you are using the device, so a quick menu config would be handy.

Other suggestion I have for making it easier to recover a LanTurtle when you lock yourself out: replace. the on-board button with a reed switch that is located near the wall, that way, you could reset the device by placing a magnet on the outside of the case.  This would be faster and more convenient, and wouldn't make it difficult to reset the device while still keeping the sticker looking fresh.  

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