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Poor client mode throughput if radios on different channels


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First off, huge kudos to Darren and the rest of the dev team - the WiFi Pineapple Nano is a real slick device with which I am overall very happy. I am, however, having an issue I find pretty odd. I was tempted to file a bug report, but decided to ask away here first to see if anyone could corroborate the behavior.

My configuration is stock, running firmware 1.0.6. The scenario is this: I've got 60Mbit Internet connectivity with a home router/AP running on channel 1. I put the Nano's Radio1 into client mode and use Radio0 as an AP, connect a wireless client to it, and run a speed test. Results are abysmal: around 2Mbps down. Interestingly upload speed is reported as being faster. If I connect a client to the Nano via USB, I get ~30Mbps down. If I just connect said client to my normal home AP, I get ~40Mbps down.

Now, it gets stranger still. The above scenario is what happens when I'm running my home AP and the Nano's Radio0 on different channels. If I switch Radio0 to the same channel as my home AP (channel 1), that wireless speed test result improves to ~20Mbps! I've been trying to wrap my brain around this for a few days now. For all intents and purposes, two APs in such close proximity on the same channel should be clobbering each other, yet throughput is actually best when Radio0 is on the same channel as the home AP.

To be thorough, I added an ALFA USB dongle as a third radio in AP mode and got the same results: abysmal throughput on every channel except the one my home AP runs on, so it's not an issue with Radio0's hardware.

Has anyone run into this before or could possibly shed some light on why this might be occurring?


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