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Accidentally made music split command in BASH (How did this happen?)


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I was messing around with splitting down a wordlist and I must have cut it just right to where my computer reads it as a music file instead of text. I don't know much about how computers handle music files and my only thoughts are that some of the text is being read by the file system and tells Linux that the file is a music file.

Nautilus shows the rythimbox icon instead of the text icon. If I change the file from xaaaaabcc to xaaaaabcc.txt it will show up as a text file. It is actually a text file.


Anyone want to look at this file and tell me what I did?

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what happens when you run something like "binwalk -B filename"? what is the output?


edit: I couldn't get it to download the other day, worked just now, but a quick browse through it I saw these:



 which might be part of the problem. Need to remove stuff like this I suppose.


A quick binwalk also produced a lot of output. I pasted here instead of blasting the post with it - http://pastebin.com/tkWVUcpB


I don;t know if any of those emails are yours either, but grep it for the @ symbol, quite  a few in there.

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