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MK5 Nano wifi compare


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I've been testing the Nano since mine arrived a couple of days ago and very impressed as not getting the problem I've always had with my MK5 Pineapple.

I'm running Kali 2.

Running same laptop, same clients etc etc my Mark 5 clients will often lose wifi connectivity, even though they are still shown in the clients list and laptop is connected to wifi. ( I am talking about wifi connected via laptop after running wp5/wp6 ) sometimes I need to restart Wlan0 in the PIneapple to reconnect my clients, but occasionally have to reboot the laptop, making it impossible to leave laptop unattended while testing.
I would be interested to know if anyone else has this problem with the MK5 PIneapple, and has a solution, but so far am very impressed with the Nano, so much easier to use, and no client disconnections so far.

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Are you on 3.0.0 Beta on the MK5 ?

I use the 3.0.0 on my MK5´s and i have the feeling that´s much more stable then before. You only need to keep the modules as low as possible.

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