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Pandora Ripping from a different angle


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I was wondering if anyone else is trying this... I've figured out a way to query the pandora servers and download as many songs as I want by making a query to the xml server and parsing the xml it to get the audio URL. The songs are random from the server. Has anyone figured out how to download a specific song? Also, has anyone devised a way to get the authentication key without using ethereal? Im sorry if these questions have been answered else where. Thank You

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Hey Stress_Fracture,

Good work there.  I have a working version that does essentially what you have done but does so through the "station" you have playing.  Question for you...when you say "random", do you mean random from within a particular station you selected, or completely random?  In other words, do you have ANY control as to what type of music it provides "random" songs from?

This could be an interesting blend of the process used by those here now.

I would be interested in seeing the process you describe here working...any chance I could get the method you use?

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I have used Unleashed in the past, and it still does pull the names of the 4 following files, yet they do not download any longer.  As I watch the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th songs play, they are definitely the ones it pulls the names of with each 4 pulled.

I am still trying to identify the reason it no longer works.  I will follow up with the group when (and if) I resolve.

For now, let's get the source code for the one Stress Fracture has, and we may be able to use his method to repair Unleashed.

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