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Meterpreter And Firewall Prob. Help guys


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Im looking for a little help Guys,
I made a penetration testing lab which include for computers LAN , with sopho firewall which blocks all the ports also configured it to block all the ports except 445 80 21, which is http https ftp .
My plan is to try to get into this Local network from the public internet ip by putting meterpreter in one of the computers manually ,
I tried a lot but I always get no connection ..!!
Because sopho's firewall !!
How to bypass the firewall and make the connection established?
Looking forward for your help,
Thanks ;)
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https is 443 and one form of FTP relies on port 20 I think for data transfers so if those stall, either switch from passive to active (or vice versa - I *always* get those mixed up) or open the extra port.

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If your firewall has 445 open and https isn't working, it's because https doesn't run across port 445. Same with the FTP thing. I'm not saying you should open additional ports, I'm saying either your firewall or your attack program is likely misconfigured which would explain why you're not getting the expected results.


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