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Normal USB to U3?


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Hey guys, I've done some serious research the last 2 days and I've been unable to find a way to make a normal Memorex USB Traveldrive U3 compatible. I'm wondering if it's even possible. I know they say it isn't, but with all the computer technology out there, it seems like it should be.. am I wrong?

If anybody knows, that would be great.



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/me orders moonlit a new desk

A DVD and a cd are the same size and shape how come I can't store 4 gigs on a CD?!?!?!?11/1?!!

Maxtoid your trying to change something that's hardware biased... like trying you make your hard drive bigger with a software it won't work.

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This Theroy has me all in a bind as well

my idea is to create a partion on the drive and use some disk tool and fool it via hacking the program into making the drive a CDFS partion

if im successful in that then i would need to make it think its also rewritable

else it would be a waste of time and one time deal

any ideas on this would be wonderful

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