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MicroHdmi Capable Phones & Pine64


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I was thinking about how the pine64 and similar boards have this hdmi with touchscreen support outs, might be in the form of capabilities.

By this, my question or purpose of topic is;

Would it be possible to utilize the hdmi out technology available on the android or mainstream (Apple,Microsoft) based cellular devices, by turning them into the receiver of the pine64 board's hdmi output? Would it be possible to flash old android hardware to be a fully featured touchscreen for that specific and expandable purpose? or, are there any ways to utilize the digitizer (touch-screen) from older cell-tech?


It's hard to explain what i'd like to do, but the best way I can describe it would be to reference a commercial product such as the name brand of a router, with an old school (original palm pilot aka palm pda) touch screen or maybe it's a tft touch screen i'm unsure... I just am not sure of what kind of links would break the rules, so if there's any admin reviewing this before posting.. Feel free to point me in the right direction please. Ty.

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To quote you "utilize the hdmi out ... receiver of the pine64 board's hdmi output". An HDMI out is nothing like an HDMI input (so the quick answer is "No").

It tends to require different circuitry to receive a signal rather than send it. So unless it was devised from the get-go to perform this function it's physically incapable of it. And if it was designed with this capability in mind, it would've been marketed as such. Bottom line: no, this can't currently be done.

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Here's what i'm trying to do and the reason behind it.


I am basically posing this question after seeing some kid take a 3g module and plug it into a arduin/raz/pine board with touch screen like a palm pilot n whether he pre-coded or scripted the device, it ran an actual cellular network phone call. Essentially. He was able to tap into the same stream our now all-voip-lte-network smartphones use that had NO way to time or report use etc. No firmware for the cell company to flash to permanently mark the phone or digital-waste leaving a trace of whether it was a cellphone that had been paired before, or a possible other miriad of scenarios...

And, a while ago, some laptops came WITH their perspective initial vendors' chips like ATT in them. Hence, my use of this technology and the way I am trying to engineer it is for someone special to me. This person had a stroke and has leukemia. Almost has trouble remembering people after a seizure caused by her continual use of tobacco.

I realize how huge of a daunting task this is, but if we are going into a digital trend and wireless will be king over most as it almost already is for cellular products, But it beats having at the least, a 3g/4g device i have to tote around in a backpack or keep from using through a gsm enabled usb device..But I want to create it so my mother can use her cellular ssh/telnet/teamviewer enabled device on her tv. So she might even be able to use apps on screen much like tty and other disability phone systems work except visually.. So when she is trying to tell someone something, she can elect a card on screen etc through say, google talk/hangouts for example.. So that she can also store a hard drive worth, instead of 32 gig limited space if she wants via the wireless router and blue tooth enabled devices at home etc. The possibilities are endless, but soon enough she will lose the ability to do much more than drool and twitch, and maybe somewhere along the line, someone will design software that allows people like her to talk to a video diary, that not only interprets her intended word, but will recognize the word she uses for future use if it's consistently the same word.

Anyways, my intention is to hack/re-invent whatever you call it, maker invention, etc, something for my mom so she can utilize the cellular network and maybe this way if she needs help this device can work on a gui level like those "help i've fallen and I can't get up" cellular enabled buttons that make a distress call with preprogrammed/transmitted information for your distress call.. But I want to do something like that for her that's a pre-emptive helper. While she still has her faculties about her enough to use them..

Again, sorry for the long post. But allot of the time, I am finding myself and other loved ones too far away. Too far to help, run to if they're hurt, etc. At least with this, if she wants to communicate, there are a few aps out there that do the flash card style actions, and can be decompiled enough to get an idea of how they work and taylor one of them to the situation needed for etc.. like snap chat style or something..


Either way, thanks for listening on the board, but you get the idea. If anyone has a suggestion on other avenues cool. If not, thanks for looking and pass it to someone you think might help..



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