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Restrict pineapple gui access to open wifi clients

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Is there a built in way to block access to 1471 and ssh 23 to client except those connected to the management WiFi or eth1?  Even with a strong password on the gui, we wouldn't want to be P0wned by the very people that we're trying to pentest.  No point in letting them know, "yep that's a pineapple."  I could also see security scanners looking for 1471.

I'm assuming we can restrict port 1471 usnig IPTABLES or something like that, but I'm curious if there's a built in way to do this using the GUI.


1) Is there a downside to changing the default subnet from 172.16.42 to something else?  I could see that being a red flag to scanners and
2) Is there a way in the GUI to change the subnet?




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1. no downside that I know of or found so far, i run mine on 192.168.1.

2. no way to change in gui, would have to be done in ssh
Edit /etc/config/network to change it.  Also you can change the port in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf, you would want to use iptables to block the port still.

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