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Is it possible to over power the tetra


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In the tactical backpack thread there is a picture of a tetra setup with 4 battery's going into both micro USB ports 

while this setup was working for that poster is this an approved setup? I don't want to burn up my new toy 

thanks and apologies if this was covered elsewhere

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Dunno, but sometimes when I have the pineapple plugged into the outlet and one usb there is a clicking sound coming from the pineapple. 


But having them chained like that won't burn up anything(unless the battery explodes non pineapple related).  It will work and probably really well.

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As far as I understand with any electronics you have two factors: 1. Volts 2. Amps
Volts normally needs to be close or exact as the spec for the device requires.  Amps needs to be at least what is required (to work efficiently anyway) but you can provide more, it just won't pull those extra amps.

I've had my tetra hooked up to four batteries and have more than a few times run it like that for close to 42/46 hours at a time depending on what i was running/clients/etc.  No issues at all with mine so far.

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