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Possible I disabled the ETH1 port?


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I know you guys do this on your free time but some help would be appreciated. 

I can't for the life of me get my ETH1 port showing up.  Without the ETH1 port, I can't update my restore to original or tether on the go using wp6

Tried on multiple computers with no luck on any computer detecting that a usb cable is plugged in.


Is it possible I disabled the ETH1 port?  It was working until I restarted the tetra the next day.  


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that's what I was asking.  eth1 is UP but It does not show up on any device anymore.  I should get a network device on windows when I plug in a cable to change the configs there but I don't.  ETH1 does not come up as a USB Ethernet port.  It comes up as nothing, not detected BUT it powers up the device.


I think ETH1 went down after I used wp6 for the first time.  ETH1 is the port you need for initial setup and accessing the special page for flashing the device.  I can't even use wp6 cause when it gets to the point where it asks to plug in your tetra, It cant detect the pineapple so it does not complete the wp6 setup.


I can no longer do any of those things even after doing a default restore and I don't know where to even start at getting that port detected.


I got it kinda working right now with an additional wireless usb dongle and by connection to the RJ45.  So now I have constant access to the pineapple from my computer and it has internet from the RJ45 instead of the ETH1 USB Ethernet port.

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