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AWUS036NEH Kali Linux 2016.1 HELP


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On 8/12/2016 at 5:53 AM, Firstnamegreat said:

I have the basic ALFA AWUS036NEH with a stock 5dbi antenna. If I was to upgrade to a 9dbi omni directional, would that help with packet injection. I have researched and it seems that 5dbi is really for receiving power and not transmission. Do you have an opinion about the ALPA NHA?

I have the same afla card but my question is, what are the other things it can do than hacking wifi passwords and jammers?

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you can make a wifi router with it or connect to wireless connection for internet and the that quote is funky.  the antenna for signal, so you have to have it so you can get the signal.  if you change the antenna it will change the signal strength of the usb wifi card.  A 9dbi antenna will detect more wifi signals or make one that is close stronger with better speeds if you havent hit the max speed for the card which would be around 30mbps.  if your injecting it will give you longer range to reach a target that is further way.  

if i have worded that wrong or siad something wrong, somebody that knows more can correct me as im also still learning some of this stuff.

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