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usb external hard drive


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This is really bugging me and I wonder if I missed something. I used Linux to prep an old USB external drive (320gb) so I could dump cap files to it. I tested it out on another linux device and it mounts and tested ok. I plugged it into the Pineapple V and it seemed to be ok BUT I couldn't do anything with it. I tried to save infusions on it. put logs etc. Did I miss a step?   I looked in the logs and nothing lept out at me

thanks for any help.


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Sorry for the late answer but did you try out with an USB Stick? HD drives ofthen use to much energy and this might lead with a device (i mean the markV), which consumes about 500mA, to a power problem because the HD itself would again use as much energy!?

So maybe you would give that a try...

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