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Alfa Cards that work with Mark V

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So I'm mainly concerned with ALFA cards that tether to the Mark V.  Not the directly plugged USB versions.

I've noticed that my AWUS036NHR v.2 does not work on the Mark V.  Most likely because of power considerations.  The card comes with a USB cable that has two USB plugs.

I've used this card substituting for a single port USB cable and it works fine from my laptop, but doesn't even show up on the Mark V.

Additionally I've got a AWUS036H which works fine with the Mark V.  It came with a single port USB cable. 

Anyone have ideas on if this is a power consideration?  

I would like to possibly get an A/B/G ALFA Card for the Mark V.  I just want to make sure it works before I purchase one.  I appreciate all suggestions.


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