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Major nano issues


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I am having a really hard time getting the wifi pineapple nano to work properly. I followed Darren's video on setting up with Linux. I am running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. I was able to go thru and do the entire setup. I ran the script wps6.sh and it was very straight forward. I logged into the web interface and finished that portion. I could not get any modules. It gave me the error of check your connection. I discovered that my computer could no longer access the internet either. If I unplugged the nano, I still was unable to restore my internet connection. I have to reboot to get it back. No matter what I do now I can't get back to the web interface when I plug in the nano and I lose my internet connection. I tried holding the reset button for 7 seconds to do a reset, but it just blinks until I let go, then its instantly solid blue. It doesn't reboot.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated. I would really love to get this to work!


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I had the same problem with LinuxMint.  The firewall is a killer when using the Pineapple.

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