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VPN Gateway Question


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Using PIVPN, I configured openvpn on a Raspberry Pi at home. As far as I can tell ( I'm new to openVPN ) there is no administration GUI when installing openvpn on the pi.

I have a couple locations I work from: home, lab, office, remote. My overall plan for setting up openVPN is to allow me to access each of the network when I am at other networks or remote. I came across 'Introducing the LAN Turtle' video by Hak5 on youtube and I can see they configured the LAN Turtle to act as a VPN Gateway and this grants that kind of access. However, they were able to do so by using the web gui.

How would I configure a VPN Gateway on clients without using the web gui?


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I did some digging today and I think I found some documentation to get me going in the right direction: https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/RoutedLans

However, the problem is one of the networks is in the process of being converted from a to a with half the network on each network. My primary network (home) is also a network.

I'm not home right now, but I assume if I change my home network to I can just add the following to my server.conf:


push "route"

This should let my home network view the work lan. I think. I am posting this here for someone to point out that I am probably wrong on something.

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