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Bypass a filesize limits upload using BURP or TamperData ?


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I achieve uploading a PHP file to a webserver by modifying his Content-Type header but I fail to bypass the filesize limitation..

I try to modify the Content-Length header but no result..

Here is the server size limitation coding :

// File information
$uploaded_name = $_FILES[ 'uploaded' ][ 'name' ];
$uploaded_type = $_FILES[ 'uploaded' ][ 'type' ];
$uploaded_size = $_FILES[ 'uploaded' ][ 'size' ];

// Is it an image?
if( ( $uploaded_type == "image/jpeg" || $uploaded_type == "image/png" ) && ( $uploaded_size < 100000 ) ) {}

Here is a BURP screen :


I hope I've been well-understand :)

Thanks for your answers !

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