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Pineapple Tetra Crashing

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So, I've been working with the Tetra and getting to know it by playing around with the features but I'm having a problem. I'm logged in and shared my Internet with the Tetra. I am able to do the recon scan for the APs and clients but when I go to PineAP and enable the PineAP Daemon it just crashes on me. The blue and red lights turn off and the yellow light turns on and then all of the lights go off for about a minute or so until it reboots itself and the blue light turns back on. I have tried using this on different computers thinking its my USB ports that are having the issue but it keeps happening repeatedly.

What am I missing? Is this device faulty?

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You're probably not supplying enough power to the Tetra.  You need to use the battery packs that came with it.  Also, the more services you enable on it the more power it's gonna need.  I typically run mine on a wall outlet or two Pineapple Juice 15,000 battery packs.

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