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Killer e2400 Gigabit Ethernet Controller Wtih Linux?


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Yes, I just got a new laptop and I tried to install my linux on it. not expecting Kali to be incompatible with the Killer e2400 Gigabit Ethernet Controller, I heard the modprobe alx was working is there any truth? and is that the only way to fix it?


any help in appreciated :)


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I'm puzzled. Did you actually try it?

Laptops are peculiar beasts. What works on one might not on the other. So give it a go and just report back. Many Linuxes have a live USB option so you can try without even removing anything from the system.

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Every-time I have tried the installer can't manage to find a driver for the Ethernet,WiFi, and Gtx 970 seems the Kali Linux 2016 rolling hasn't developed the drivers yet, i have tried the Kali-Linux 2 and the live works,  so the mission is to install the older Linux and look up drivers and transfer over by usb.

I'll attempted again after I get off Work later,

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