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Router + DDNS instead of VPS?


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Hi, I;m thinking of getting a Lanturtle for AutoSSH, but I don't want to buy a VPS. I am thinking instead of using my Asus router, which I can SSH to (dont know if I have root... Not home to check) plus my free DDNS service.

Would this work, for setting up AutoSSH, instead of a VPS?



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You most certainly can use DDNS to route to your home network, as long as you expose SSH on the WAN.  Unless you know what you are doing, I'd recommend getting a cheap VPS to play with.  Small VPS's with unmetered bandwidth can be had for around $20-30 a year (OVH and VPSCheap come to mind) which is highly reasonable, and doesn't expose your home network to attack if you misconfigure it.  Since you obviously wouldn't be doing anything illegal (right?), then a cheap VPS provider is a perfectly acceptable option for testing purposes.  Another nice thing about a VPS is that it can usually be recovered by the VPS provider's web console, which can be extremely handy if you break something.  

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