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Bettercap and ruby?


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Hi guys.

Quite newbie with wifipineapple, or in general,  and I was trying to install bettercap to the nano since I really like it, but for that I need to install ruby and gems, I tried with:

opkg --dest sd install ruby

opkg --dest sd install ruby-gems

but everytime I try to run ruby itself or .rb it does not point to the right path, it stills tries to go to /usr/lib/ruby/ruby2.2-bin. Since my english is quite negligent I'll try to put examples.

# ruby

/sd/usr/bin/ruby: exec: line 4: /usr/lib/ruby/ruby2.2-bin: not found

/sd/usr/bin/ruby# ./ruby2-2.bin

<internal:gem_prelude>:1:in `require': cannot load such file -- rubygems.rb (LoadError)
    from <internal:gem_prelude>:1:in `<compiled>'

I believe bettercap also requires some specific libs or gems, but still, if I try:

#sd/bettercap-master/bin ./bettercap

/sd/usr/bin/ruby: exec: line 4: /usr/lib/ruby/ruby2.2-bin: not found. Again, it cannot find ruby path.

Any ideas guys?



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