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Is phpBB collapsing?


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yeah, one of my posts actually got somehow so screwed that I think a post was removed from a thread and the post that I wrote became SomeoneElse's post... I checked with him (I was drunk when I posted it) and it was indeed my post but it still says SomeoneElse wrote it! :S

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Was phpBB designed to cope with such a huge magnitude of use? I mean, it still is farly responsive (except around episode release time). But there are so many users and such a large amount of posts per day...

yeah but still i doubt the prob would be @ phpbb .....

i used to be on a board @ least 3 times as much users simultaneous (and in general)

wich was stable as hell , on the other hand the owner is a real coding freak .... could be he uses some custom scripts to fix problems ....


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I'm personally pretty much convinced that all problems experienced are caused by MySQL, which is more like a flat file with an SQL syntax rather than an actual RDBMS that its fanboys claim it to be.

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