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I have been playing with the pineapple for a few months now and recently did a factory reset..  I noticed that even though i only have 3 SSIDs in my pool, and they were all added manually after my last reset, and im not logging probes, or capturing ssids to my pool, PineAP still seems to be broadcasting just about anything anyone around me is probing for..  I am trying to be as stealthy as can be as i am actually just playing with it and not trying to grab a bunch of strangers associations... but everyone around me is seeing every imaginable ssid when i power on..  Is Karma running?  is there a way to stop this and ONLY broadcast whats in my pool?  Side note, i have done so many resets because if my pool gets large the pineapple doesn't seem to allow me to clear the pool.  i click clear, and it clears for a second but then all the gazzillion ssids that were ther just come back, unless i reset.

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On the ssid not clearing get the cabinet module or ssh in and check the /etc/pineapple/ssid_file and see if they are being removed from that if not, clear the doc and power off and then on the device and see if they are still there when you power back up.

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Plus if its happening the moment you power on, you've probably enabled pineap to start on boot. Just go in Pineap, click the tab beside Configuration and save a new default with pineap being disabled and it wont load ssids from your pool the moment you power on

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