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Network Devices for network protection


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Hiding your IP (I assume for surfing) is handling web traffic. To block spam you need to filter you email. There may be some high end corporate appliances but not user level.

To hide an IP use an anonymous proxy, to remove spam , I use Google mail, they do a really good job.

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Just dont want  someone checking on my internet traffic as it can determine when im on vacation or not. While its spoofed it would be harder to track my geolocation and monitor traffic. Although I can setup bots to emulate internet traffic to and fro


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You can't create a good defence without deciding who you are defending against. If you are worried about people knowing you are on vacation then you must have thought about it.

Thieves aren't going to watch your network traffic to know when your house is empty.Your

ISP is going to know whatever you do as even hidden traffic is traffic.

The government isn't likely to care and if they do, they have better ways to find out.

Hiding your IP isn't part of general security, it adds very little protections, all it does is obscure your egress IP address. It doesn't stop tracking unless you are very good at OPSEC.

It doesn't stop things getting into your network, that is perimeter defence.

It does stop places you are connecting to knowing your location but only if you use it all the time. For general useability it can often make things worse as you end up with sites delivering content in the language of your egress location not your native one. 

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