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wordpress SEO help.


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I have been asked to build a webpage for a dental office... his goal is to have his page at the top of google when you search for "lakewood dental implants"


I come here to. Ask for help with wordpress and search engine optimization... I have seen a few high ranked plugins 'yoast SEO' and "all in one SEO"


I have read over some reviews on both plugins but not sure if this is the right path...


Any advice for getting a address on google maps and a good start for learning SEO... plz share spme ideas or tutorials

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And as a minor aside, at https://sumofpwn.nl/ they're targeting WordPress for a month, disclosing what they've found at the end of this month and in just the first week they claim to have already found 1 RCE, amongst a host of other problems. When they disclose, you're probably going to want to make sure the stuff you chose to use isn't in there.

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18 hours ago, cooper said:

Mentioned because of this:

i did install this addon in my search for seo... shortly after i removed... i would fear the most popular addons are at risk...


i was given a lot of advice on irc freenode #seo channel... when dealing with a local business it takes time but is easy to build up google rankings by providing good service and getting feedback in the right place's like yelp and such...

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