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Security Awareness Talk For Staff


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At work we often give talks to staff on staying safe online but this is often focused on the dangers of social media.  We want to move away from making the audience feel fearful and worried about online activities as it is not ideal.

How do you think one could talk more about the idea of information security, and positive side of security (whilst also driving home the message of now sharing your phone number on facebook)?

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Someone mentioned this to me today, which rather drives home the message. Although it is, to some extent, still fear mongering...


Data on the Go

You're more at risk of identity fraud than you think. Sharing personal details like your date of birth, address and phone number can make you vulnerable. Don't make it easy for identity fraudsters. Start by setting your privacy settings. - www.identityfraud.org.uk

Posted by Cifas UK on Tuesday, July 5, 2016


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Often, people don't realise the trail that malicious attackers can follow from even the simplest titbit of information.

As an example, one of my friends recently had issues with an ex bf which concluded in her moving address. She posted that she had moved on social media, nothing more. However, knowing the guy was IT savvy and a bit of a psycho stalker, I advised of the security implications of posting this. My friend unfortunately didn't see the issue.

So, I showed her.

From the post being in Jan of 2014, one could deduce the approximate time my friend moved house. Her ex knew she had a lot of family and friends in the area, and wasn't moving jobs, so he was likely to work out she was staying in the same town. He knew her previous address, so I did an internet search and good-old Zoopla advised of the date her previous house was sold, Dec of 2013. From this, I did a further search for houses purchased in the same town during Dec of 2013, and lo-and-behold, only one was. And guess which one?

Yep, the one my friend had moved to. With the full address.

She then deleted the post saying she'd moved house and thanked me for pointing it out :happy:

Just goes to show, a tiny bit of information can lead down a very long rabbit hole, even if the information itself seems harmless or 'giving nothing away'. And getting her full, new address took me less than 15mins.

The internet is both amazing and scary!


*edit* And a phone number? Don't even get me started with what could be done with a phone number! People should stick to giving personal information in person, not online.

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