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opkg Kismet Mark IV


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Dusted off my old MK IV....I want to install Kismet for a specialized purpose...opkg is not updating nor am I able to install kismet through opkg...Does anyone know a fix for this?  I am guessing its something in the opkg.conf file or the support is gone...

In any case, if the I cant update and install via opkg, should I just attempt a manual download/build of kismet?



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A tincture of time...digidoc's Rx

Problem solved...or at least an admission that I never had a problem to begin with...opkg is working...just no Kismet support for the mark IV...I did install it the old school way, but it turns out the aircrack-ng suite was a better solution (and much lighter), I just forgot its in the opkg...duh...love that aircrack baby as if it were my own...



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