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ISO-7816 Smart card Hack


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I know a few years ago there was a question regarding hacking ISO-7816 contact cards.

Well I'm here to ask a few questions.


I would like to know if anyone here has any experience with Smart Cards and providing some guidance to learn to read the card. 

So far I have search the internet and found plenty of information about the smart card. however, I cannot seem to find anything that would either show me how to access the card with a card reader ( without making your own software) or what I need to do to make the software.


Most of the software programs are pre 2010 and have no support or are extremely outdated.

I have tried smart card toolset pro, exeba comm, atmel crypto, skycard, and a whole bunch of other software that usually come up with similar errors like unable to access card due to sharing violation... other connections outstanding...


If anyone has any advice feel free to comment. 


Also, I have gone through a bunch of Hackaday and other hack forums that also predate quite a bit. Some were very informative but not enough to accomplish my goal.

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