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Bluetooth Hacking


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Whatever happen to the bluetooth hacking scenes I mean after 3.0+ people really stopped poking at bluetooth security I mean their are far more tools for wireless attacks then their are for like bluetooth even like RFID is kinda not so popular these days and these types of things are becoming more common then they were back in 2009. 

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Well there was the Ubertooth which could only sniff a single channel of bluetooth at once, being that Bluetooth hops 2400 to 2483.5MHz and there are 1600 hops per second, you would miss a lot sniffing with anything less than a high end spectrum analyser, or I know you can cover all the channels at once with two USRP2's. Still the Ubertooth had their uses.

Other than that, people have looked into things that use Bluetooth, like jamming electric skateboards, which stops the skateboard and sends the rider flying, there is some interest around Bluetooth locks, not so much connecting to them, as that is easy enough (putting them into pairing mode, when the owner isn't there), but how the app's pass the unlock code.

You also have a fair amount of research into abusing/playing with iBeacon, bypassing passkey authentication in BTLE in versions 4.0, but 4.1/4.2 fixed a lot of issues around being able to sniff the pairing session, there is the old brute-forcing pass-key on passkey protected devices method.


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