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Reading WAV File

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I have been tinkering with remotes around the house. It was amazing when I was able to record, decode, and replay the signal from the remote I use to control lights in my house so of course I moved on to other remotes. I am now trying my garage door opener as inside it has 11 dip switches and thought it would be another easier one to crack. When I record the signal it looks nothing like what is shown on the episodes. It has 11 sections matching 11 DIP switches, but I cannot tell what is 1 or what is 0. I also have been using RTL_433 in hopes of it auto detecting the binary/hex from the wav forms. Any help is appreciated. Hoping to buy a HackRF soon. Attached is the wav output I have been trying to decode.


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Also here's the screen shot of the source in question.


I'm a nubit when it comes to determining wireless modulations but it looks like a from of OOK to me. Let me know if I'm wrong lol. Hard to say just from looking at a wave file. Can you upload an I/Q capture instead? I would recommend experimenting with different dip switch settings and comparing your captures against each other to see if you can find a pattern. For example take a look of what it dose with all the dip switches off vs. one of them on or all switches on.


Not sure if you seen this or not (might be grate for the other guy who hasn't) but here's a video about reverse engineering transmitters.



Edit. I'm thinking Pulse-Code Modulation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulse-code_modulation Taking a stab but it looks like 110101101110101101110101101101

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