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Security operations centers

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So now there these SOCs which seem to be really the top thing in cybersec these days. My idea of them is just guys sipping coffee and checking whatsapp and sending arcsight automated excel generated reports to people who also have no idea on what to do with them.

Ec-council has also come with the incident handling cert now which i think is geared towards this.

I want to know what the whole deal is with these SOCs, anybody working in one, please share. Right now all i know is the fuckers are expensive.

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SOC's is a new term for me.  When I was doing active monitoring, we call it NOSC (Network Operations Security Center).  Of course, this was back in 2002 timeframe.  Much of the monitoring has gone the automated route, but there needs to be human intervention when there is an alert.  Additionally there needs to be a qualified human to audit the automated gatekeepers to insure rule sets are properly configured.  Being qualified to audit requires the ability to script and to understand TCP and UDP handshakes.

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SOC, and NOC are pretty much same thing, except more geared towards security related incidents that other team members may not be cleared for. Network Operation Centers are not new, and neither are SOC's really, just another buzzword. If you think the guys working in these areas sit around drinking coffee doing nothing, then you should have no problem getting hired for one





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