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Linux setup instructions need work

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1) You say:

  • From the host PC, configure a static IP address on the WiFi Pineapple facing Ethernet interface to with netmask
    • For example, in Linux run ifconfig eth1 netmask up (where eth1 is the interface name of the WiFi Pineapple).

But that will give you the same IP as the pineapple --

2)There's a good chance eth0 is already on 192.168.1.*  in which case you have to put that interface down first.  Instructions for bringing it back up later are also appreciated.

3) To find out the ethernet adapter name, suggest running `sudo ifconfig -a`

4) Mention that will not allow you access to
For this, you must edit /etc/network/interfaces as follows:
# add this to the bottom of /etc/network/interfaces,  eth3 should be replaced by the name of the device from the ifconfig -a above
auto eth3
allow-hotplug eth3
iface eth3 inet dhcp

5) You won't have internet access again until you complete the internet sharing setup via wp6.sh script (include link etc)

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