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When I connect TETRA to Linux the wireless connection does not work Fedora Unable to get internet connection on a Linux Fedora


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When I connect the TETRA to a Fedora Linux laptop, the wireless connection does not work .

( if I disconnect the y-cable eth connection wireless does NOT work )

( if I re-connect the y-cable eth connection wireless does work )

this is very strange has anyone encountered this behavior..

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Thank you Mr-Protocol very much for responding. 

  1. I was running ver 6.2 of the script ( I got 6.2 from a copy paste on the forum since everytime I did the wget I kept getting some ole html ) then I found this 
  2. finally found ver 6.4 I believe after doing a proper wget gave it to me , but I don't see the info ..
  3. But thank you after the "G" and nothing then doing a "C" I was praying for c=connection and it finally worked , know to learn about the landing page...


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There is a typo in that wget you referred to just FYI.

wget wifipineapple.com/wp6.sh

wget will notify that it's been moved, forward, and download it.

The reason you may be experiencing ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) issues when unplugging is that you're using the laptop to give the pineapple Internet through it's micro USB Ethernet. Also, disconnecting and connecting adapters may trigger your operating system's network manager to undo or change what the wp6.sh has configured.

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Thank you again, would you know of any good threads or  "how to" or "step by step" or "tutorial" on setting up a landing page on what I believe is now called PineAp ( it used to be called Karma.):unsure::unsure::unsure: this is my main purpose of purchasing the Tetra lol since I never got my MK3 working. I don't want to get discouraged with the mighty TETRA

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