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GNURadio Companion missing blocks

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at present I am using this live distro: ubuntu-14.04.4-desktop-amd64-gnuradio- (but in the near future I will have a dedicated Linux PC).

I have noticed that some blocks are missing...

in particular I can find only 2 "source" blocks which are related to various SDR radios (BTW I have an HackRF One) but there are supposed to be more than 2 sources only!.


1) wheresoever can I find the missing blocks?

2) and, moreover, how I can I load/compile or...them so that I can use them in GNUradio Companion???


thanks in advance for your contributions!!!


i2NDT Claudio

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The HackRF uses the osmocom Source block under the Sources tab to receive radio signals. If you want to transmit you will need to use the osmocom Sink under the Sinks tab.


Mike Ossmann, the maker of the HackRF made a few videos on how to use GRC with the HackRF if you want to learn more.



Also here's a tutorial on how to install the GRC w/ the HackRF software if you want to run this on a bare metal Linux box. The live boot CD is grate but SDR takes up a lot of resources and you will get better performance on bare metal.


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