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PineAP / Karma do not auto-start.

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I just factory reset, went through the first-boot, and I'm at 83% memory usage. I have a usb wifi dongle.  Now going to reboot, start pineAP, and check again.  Let's see... 

1) ignored my pineAP autostart settings (even though it seems to remember them -- yeah, autostart -> pineAP is still checked)
2) Never turned on the wlan0 -- I had to "save" the "Access Point" settings page (not to change settings, just to trigger a wireless reset)
3) forgot my local network data, so I have to go to client-mode and re-enter it
4) Starting PineAP -- 51k memory usage (weird, thought it took 12k mem from resources panel -- must be on already?)
5) starting tcpdump -- 53k memory usage
6) setting dip configs to start tcp dump all the time

Rebooting to see if my settings persist and what my memory usage is at now...

Remembered my network settings, did _not_ autostart karma or pineAP -- resource usage at 54.6k (tcpdump started, but useless without pineAP and karma...)

1) unchecking all settings in autostart
2) leaving autostart
3) restarting pineapple again
*note* this time only 53.3k resource usage
4) going to autostart config -> checking karma, pineAP, and nothing else 
5) "autostart" checkbox is still checked
6) restarting pineapple

PineAP, Karma still did not start.  54k resource usage.  I'm guessing the resaon PineAP and Karma don't start has to do with the high resource usage?  And yet, I have no idea how to free memory.

Edit: Will have to implement this with a CLI script triggered by DIP configs -- the DIPs seem to always work.

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