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[WORKAROUND] Please remove the PHP sockets - they take up too much ram

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I see four five php-fcgi processes eating up over 60% of the resources on my device.  Running PineAP and TCPDump on top of that and my device can't even process HTTP POST requests to save my config settings.  I'm constantly crashing/rebooting my pineapple because of this, and I can't kill those processes without them turning back on.  They're _just_ for the web interface.  


Please make the web interface lighter.  Why do we need five instances of php-fcgi at 9mb per instance? Given we only have 64MiB of ram, the socket interface is a _massive_ waste.  Reset buttons instead, please.

Or, like, point me at the code and I'll fix it.

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Edit: Quick fix is to bind a "killall nginx; killall php-fcgi-daemon; killall php-fcgi" to the DIP switch config, then SSH into the box and work from there.

There's a python script for PineAP here (haven't tried it yet): 

The rest, well, we'll have to figure it out.

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Working on a Python script for fully managing PineAP as well as easily configuring the network interfaces, access points, etc.  Pretty soon we'll be able to do everything from the command line...


python /pineapple/components/system/pineap/executable/executable 

The script already exists for managing pineap -- we need a script for managing wireless devices.  The existing network script is entirely in PHP -- a python port is in order.  I just wasted 4 hours working on the python PineAP script, though, only to find out it already exists.  So... I'm going to take a break :)

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