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[SOLVED] Open Access Point showing up as Encrypted?

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So I have the AP setup with Karma on, PineAP on, Dogma, Beacon Response, Harvest SSIDs -- all on.


Under Networking -> Access Point I have "Open Access Point" called q2 on channel 6 and it's not hidden.

Under Networking -> Access Point I have "asdf" with WPA2 Password set (because 'password must be atleast 8 characters' no matter what -- I can't seem to delete the password...) and the "Disabled" box checked.

Q2 is still showing up, however, as an encrypted network.  Shouldn't it be unencrypted since, after all, it's the "Open Network" ?

There's a warning that says "If you've enabled encryption, Karma will not work" -- I'm guessing somehow I enabled encryption?  How do I turn this off?

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This is beyond a doubt a bug.  The server is saying "password must be 8 characters" -- however, resetting wireless settings clears out the password just fine.

This fixes the open network.  However, Karma is still broken.  Rebooting the pineapple at this point seems to fix the issue.

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