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Does this functionality exist?


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Hello all,

What I would like to do is be able to walk a multi-story building running a pineapple doing recon as a site survey and dump that information manually for each floor. The issue I seem to be running into is the Recon module and the Site Survey modules refresh their lists on each scan. They don't append to an existing list. Also, I don't see anywhere in either module to export the list of SSIDs and associated information to a text/CSV/other file. 

Does this exist and I've overlooked it? Sorry if this is a noob question but I didn't see it in the documentation. 

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9 hours ago, Smarty said:

You could put an adapter into monitor mode and Run airodump to write the scan to a csv. 

That's a good point and an option, but my interest was more toward using the frontend UI to warwalk with my phone with the connector app as opposed to trying to read/manipulate an SSH session on the tiny screen. 

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Put your airodump command in /etc/rc.local so its executed after boot up.  Fire the nano up, wait 30 seconds and do your thing....


For the visual element while walking combine it with " Wifi overview 360 " app on an Android phone...   Just an idea..

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Or try putting wlan1 into monitor mode and see of the gui recon mode still works.  You could use recon for visual and run airodump on the 2nd adapter... of the other way around or plug in a 3rd adapter.....

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