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Im sorry for the noob question in advance. Im looking for a secure FREE VPN solution, by secure i mean i don't want anyone monitoring my traffic or intercepting it. The few i have tried were complete crap, they were VERY slow and injected ads at a very ridiculous rate. I understand by nature a VPN is going to be a lot more sluggish than not using a VPN, i just feel like there is a better solution than the ones i have tried. ANY help or recommendations would be Greatly appreciated. If you have a VPN that is worth paying for, feel free to mention it. Thanks in advance guys. Much Love -Loki:wink:

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Well to be honest you could find a cheap VPS and install your own VPN on it.

If the video is to hard to understand then you can use this script


Thinking about maybe doing a video on using that script I think It would be a useful video for the FreeCST channel

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hi LordLoki,

seriously?! it is looks like a spam rather than question. 

what kind of features do you need?  

ZaraByte is right, you can simply setup your own server, if you need one IP (more will cost expensive). You can use my referral link on digitalocean to get 2 months free ;) 

If you not familiar with command panel, simply subscribe for a cheap VPN provider, for example seed4me (I have beed satisfied with their service when were in China)

Good luck and like my reply, it you found it helpful :)

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On ‎23‎/‎06‎/‎2016 at 3:02 PM, Securex said:

You can't find FREE secure vpn, because public can't be secure.

You can make your anonymity highter, if you'll use TOR in chain with VPN.

And for sure, better solution is your own VPN or RDP server.

Echo this.  If you want secure VPN then it comes at a cost, as most free services only offer limited capabilities.

Have a think about what you intend to use it for exactly and how often (i.e.cost benefits).

Definitely delve into the dark world of the ToR lol

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