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New hdd


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4 Big hard drives... in RAID5...
SO basically, use four big hard drives and only have the space of one big hard drive? Since his problem isn't data errors, but rather lack of space, this doesn't seem like the brightest idea, a better RAID setup for someone wanting space would be RAID0, IMO.

A RAID5 would use all the drives with only a small percentage of loss do to a parity byte. The parity byte is there to rebuild lost data in case of failure, which is rebuilt automatically onto another drive currently standing by in the array. Although I think it is optional to have one already "at the ready."

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what I am concerned with is space. I have 100megs free now, and I cannot even clear stuff out by burning to disc because I dont have space to unrar my files. It is really annoying. So, I need one big hdd, or two smaller ones for the same price, that will give me 250 or more gigs. Preferably 320.

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