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Problems using "upload" in Meterpreter

Adam Smith

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I've been trying to upload a .vbs file to a remote machine in a meterpreter session without success. This problem also occurs with .exe files so it's not the .vbs file type not being supported.

I've tried this:

upload root/Desktop/program.vbs c:\\Users\\i7479\\Desktop

This returns:

[-] Error running command upload: Errno:ENOENT No such file or directory @ rb__file_s__stat - root/Desktop/program.vbs

The paths for these files are both correct, it just can't find the program to be uploaded...

Does anyone know how to carry this out? Should such a basic command be so tricky to execute? This doesn't work on Armitage (GUI) either btw...


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You need to either change directory (cd) in to the Desktop folder manually, or use;


You don't need to use the folder 'root' in the path. If you put a forward slash at the start of the path, Linux will know to start at the root directory.

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He's uploading from Linux to Windows.

Probably should use either "/root/Desktop/program.vbs" or "~/Desktop/program.vbs" where the former is the more portable of the two.

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