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Battery Runtime Calculations


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Hey all

I've been playing around with my new USB power meter, and I wanted to run my math past you to see if I am thinking right.

Attached are some pictures, but in general, my NANO seems to draw .50 amps or less. Usually its in the .40 range with a dongle plugged into WLAN2. if my math is right, .40 amp converts to 400milliamps. if we take a 15000mAh battery, we would get appx 26 hours of runtime? (15000 / 350 x 0.7* = 26.25)

Does this sound about right?

The pineapple juice battery is rated at 4000mAh which is good for about 7 hours.

Overall I've been shocked at how little the NANO consumes. I have run PineAP, DNSspood, and evilportal with clients connected and it was consuming around .70amps (700 milliamps) I did notice it goes way up depending on the dongle your using for WLAN2 obviously.

If my math is wrong let me know!

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You should be getting somewhere around 37.5 hours of runtime with a 15000mAh battery (15000mAh / 400mA = 37.5h).

Likewise with a 4000mAh battery it should come out to 10 hours.

The nano does fairly well with power but as you've seen, the accessories can really start to drain things. This is very much the case if you decided to tether a phone to the Nano. Be careful with pulling too much current from the pineapple juice battery. It's a decent little battery, but the nano operates right at its capability. It's trivial to accidentally pull the voltage down to less than 5V.

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