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Moving to Bolivia -- will SSLstrip be ready then?


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Could any kind fellow explain how I change the country regs on the pineapple wifi cards? Step by step?

And I'm desperate for a module that really works well -- is SSLstrip nearing completion?

What modules have you had success with? I havent been able to do a decent Evil Portal (a nice link to an HTML script would be much appreciated) same for landing page,  DWall goes off and never sees anything anyway and url snarf doesnt seem to work for me?


I think I may have my iptables all wrong and currently on br-lan -- what's the default / optimal setting for the best modules you use?



P.S. I keep hitting that bulletin button --- can someone give me a hint when an update may be coming? I have some crazy issues with SSIDS Ive removed from the pool popping back up when there's no possibility a device is beaconing for them







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