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Tetra setup For windows7


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Connected the device to my desktop with USB Y cable.

Lights went from amber -> Blinking blue -> Solid Blue But this site cannot be reached.

Also not able to see " Realtek USB FE Family Controller " under Network adaptor

Please some one help on this driver installation 

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If you are powering the device from the AC adapter, plug one end (the small end) of the Y-adapter cable into the ETH port of the Tetra. Plug only 1 other end of the cable into the USB port on your computer. You want to plug in the USB connector where the two separate cables connect. It's the fatter of the two. That should do the trick.

This configuration caused my Windows PC to see the Realtek adapter.

Trying to power the Tetra from a computer will result in negative consequences. The Tetra is a power hog compared to the Nano. It requires either an AC adapter or both Y-adapters plugged into the Tetra with the 4 remaining ends connected to a substantial USB battery pack.

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