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Build waterproof enclosures for your computers if it is cost effective. Pelican makes some really nice waterproof cases. Then You'll also probably have to have some kind of cooling system other than air. But I can see most of the system being completely waterproofed. Maybe the not the power supply. You'll want to be able to shut everything down. You can probably do this with some kind of switch like fish tanks have. It's basically two electrical leads that are close enough together that when the water level is up enough or down far enough in some cases the liquid will close the circuit in some cases break the circuit depending on how you are doing things. Like a water level alarm. Maybe make something like that to shut things off. But really if you can afford a bunch of this stuff. Get a room on the top floor instead.

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If you live someplace where it's not uncommon to go home and find the floor wet due to flooding, MOVE.

This situation can't be good for anything, including your computer(s).

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I live in an area that has a chance of flooding as well, however I don't quite have the ability to move anywhere that doesn't have potential flooding issues. Truly the best practices are

  1. Having appropriate home owner's / Renter's insurance
  2. Backing up data offsite (I sprang for a synology to keep at my in-laws house (several towns away) and rsync on a nightly basis)
  3. being smart about placement of electrical equipment, nothing directly on the floor, towers sit on top of the desk, Power strip mounted a few feet up from the floor on the wall.

You can do other improvements to your home to help mitigate flood damage, but everything is situational.

Hope this helps

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