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Hardware Lock?


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I'm considering recommending purchase of a few TETRAs for our penetration testing team, and was wondering how or if anyone secures this things in a "drop".

Is there a way to lock this device (say, a kensington-style cable lock)? Or a locked pelican case? Or just hide it really really well?

The boss probably wont approve us to buy them for drop use if we can't prove they won't get stolen. Anyone have thoughts?

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If I saw a pelican case, I'd break into it as it's probably got something good in it, as they are silly money, well unless you need to ship/carry a high end camera or rifle/scope. You could just roll your own device using OpenWRT and one of the many, many, many cheap chinese mini routers. 


The only good locks have abloy protec 2 cores, you would want some kind of harden steel box and mount the antennas externally. 

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