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Someone got offended I guess!


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I guess someone or some people have been triggered by me on hak5.


This is almost as funny as the people who are on hackforums :B

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On 5/26/2016 at 11:44 PM, Mr-Protocol said:

Due to the abuse of the reputation system, I have disabled it for now.

Aww i'm not to worried about the whole rep abuse thing I just kinda thought it was funny that someone or some people decided to either make a bunch of accounts or just decided after not agreeing with me on something that they would just give thumbs down on half the posts I made. I didn't really notice it till like I saw I was at like -55 then I saw I was at -88 

I at least got this picture which will go down in my history books for hak5.


My 666th post :B

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im not sure what the issue is and forgive me for intruding

but i feel like this is a friendly community set out to help in your time of need ....i know this forum has helped me a bunch

so if anyone feels like they dislike this forum maybe its time to move on to another site  .........but let me say this i have been on a lot of other forums

and this is by far the very best one that i could find and got the most help from   ............we all live in this big blue ball together and we all try to accomplish

simular task ..so if possible we all need to be nice if you have information that could help someone try to help that person or if you are trying to

accomplish something maybe someone else could help you  in reality everyone should be thankful that this forum site is even here for us to use

knowledge should be free think of the whole meaning of open source that dont just apply to computers and tech stuff the meaning of open source

should apply to our everyday lives so be thankful you have this community here and to any one that cant appreciate this site or its people and wants to be childish

should grow up and join one of the other forum site  im not trying to pick an arguement but just get along or move on one of the two

thats my two cents worth maybe nobody cares about my two cents i dont really give a shit if they do or not but im here to help anyone that i can

if i know something that can help .........and same goes for when i have a question i hope someone can help me when i get stuck on a problem

....im glad i have the community behind me ...   and thanks to everyone

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