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Nano w/ Verizon "Jetpack" USB Tethering

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Model: http://cache.vzw.com/multimedia/mim/pantech_jetpack_MHS291L/pantech_jetpack_MHS291L.pdf

I've been trying to get the USB "Jetpack" to tether to the Nano via USB. I'm having a rough time. Yes, I've enabled USB Tethering via the Jetpack but cannot seem to get the Nano to pull from the device. I've read some threads on here about this and it seems that perhaps the issue lies within USB modeswitch. I am looking for the most up to date answer.


As a side note, I have tried and successfully setup the RaLink RT5370 in Wi-Fi client mode but then both the Nano and any device connected to the Nano as a client have SLOOOOOOOW internet. I'm talking 60+ seconds to load Google sometimes. If I used WLAN1 to connect in client mode everything is speedy fast but then of course PineAP is disabled.


Thoughts on both these issues?


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